Dev Diary #13 – Workshop Demo Online!

First, thanks again to those of you who came to our second Office Attacks Public Playtesting Pizza Party yesterday. We’ll be going through the feedback today.

I have a busy weekend ahead so this post will be shorter than usual, but I have a couple of things to share…
tim13-001The Workshop (Tower Builder) Demo is online!
As it says on the page, this demo is to give you an idea of what kinds of towers you’ll be able to build in the game to keep your co-workers away. Here are some differences between the demo and the game:

  • The demo lets you see all of the pieces. In the game, you’ll acquire them over time.
  • The demo version only has one view. The game has all eight cardinal/ordinal directions and shooting animations.
  • If you’re using a mouse for the demo, you can scroll the list with the scrollwheel. Otherwise you can tap and drag as usual.
  • Instead of the page description in the demo, the game will show statistics and notes about your tower, such as its attack strength, shooting speed, range, and energy capacity.

I’ve been working on this demo bit-by-bit over a few months, to try not to delay development of the game itself. My first instinct was to make it in Flash, but of course that won’t run on iOS. Since we’re using cocos2d-iphone, I thought I’d give cocos2d-html5 a try. It was relatively easy to get working, but it was time consuming getting 91 pieces in there. Most of the anchor points had to be redone, since it’s different working with isolated bitmaps than integrated SWFs, but we agreed to only show one view so it wasn’t too bad. Enjoy!

Scarier than a sharknado!

Scarier than a sharknado!

Git commit message of the week: “Annoying tabbing is annoying!”

Chat message of the week: “In this post-Sharknado world, we must be ever vigilant against all forms of environmental disasters. Beware… The INTERNADO!”

(I made the image to the right as a joke recently)

Glitch of the week: Here are a couple of things that happened while trying to improve the tutorial.

We changed from using a white rounded rectangle to a sticky note, so I simply changed the graphic being used in OATutorialMessage. I quickly found out that the rounded rectangle was used (and more appropriate) for a couple of larger explanatory dialogs, so I had to keep it around.

Then, when trying to get something working fast, I ended up scaling a 1×1 alpha texture up to 245x. This caused some… undesirable artifacting that was quickly fixed.

Extreeeeeeeeeme closeup.

Extreeeeeeeeeme closeup!